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Our Story

Born from a vision to make a tangible difference in the lives of those with disabilities, Genuine Well Being Services has grown from a simple idea into a beacon of hope for many. Our foundation is built on the belief that every individual deserves to live a life brimming with opportunities, respect, and dignity. Through our journey, we’ve seen dreams realised and obstacles overcome, and it’s this impact that fuels our drive.

Our Services

Empowering Independence and Engagement

Daily Personal Activities

We provide comprehensive support with daily personal tasks to enhance your independence and comfort in your own home from hygiene, dressing, and mobility.

Transport Assistance

Our Transport Assistance service empowers you to access the community, attend appointments, and participate in social events with reliable and safe transportation solutions.

Managing Life Stages

Our Managing Life Stages service is designed to support you through significant life changes, such as moving to a new home, starting a new school or job, or adjusting to changes in your health.

Physical Fitness Support

This service is designed to support you in accessing gym facilities, participating in fitness classes, and engaging in personal training sessions tailored to your needs and goals.

Household Tasks

Maintain a clean and comfortable living environment with our Household Tasks service. From cleaning and laundry to garden maintenance, our team ensures your home is a place of safety, comfort, and cleanliness.

Community Participation

We facilitate engagement in community activities, hobbies, and volunteering opportunities, enriching your social network and fostering a sense of belonging and contribution.

Why Choose Genuine Well Being Services?

Opt for Genuine Well Being Services for a team dedicated to your unique needs with personalized, holistic support. Our commitment to excellence and an empowering community ensures you receive care that truly makes a difference.
Multilingual Support: Arabic and Samoan

We also offer services in Arabic and Samoan, ensuring effective communication and culturally sensitive care. Our team includes professionals fluent in these languages, ready to support you in a way that feels most comfortable and familiar.

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